t.Rutt and T.Rump

Conception Art Fair is causing some waves in Miami after deciding to showcase t.Rutt's artwork!  Last year at Conception, t.Rutt debuted a refurbished Trump campaign bus and this year followed up with an American flag unapologetically displaying direct quotes from the President Elect.

Office workers in the building attached to Conception Art Fair's had an interesting surprise today when the decorated, 15-foot wide flag was left on display.

Originally slated to debut this piece with another art show at Miami Art Week, t.Rutt's invitation was rescinded after election results came in.  

Oddly enough, this piece is on sale just days after President Elect Trump's comments on proper punishment for flag desecration.  But given that it's Trump's own words on t.Rutt's flag, who's responsible for the dishonor?