sympathetic destruction

Can we avoid the scars of wounds if we apologize first?  Can we ever make an impact on someone's soul without devouring a piece of it?  Author Katherine Velte explores these possibly parasitic relationships and artist Anna McNaught's civilized wastelands give us a landscape of these opposing forces.

"Bus & Tornado" by Anna McNaught

"Bus & Tornado" by Anna McNaught

A disclaimer-Sincerely, H

by Katherine Velte

I am the place where the weak hide

But before our lips meet know my mouths a pyre 

I will burn down everything you loved about yourself

Until I'm all you can see

All you taste

All you want to be

Place your shaky faith

Right inside of me

Together we can get lost 

And lose all stability 

Within my senseless sensitivity 

It seems kind of beautiful 

To tear your world apart 

Like breaking something broken

Into a million fractured parts 

"Dead Frame" by Anna McNaught

"Dead Frame" by Anna McNaught


by Katherine Velte

I am weak

I am broken porcelain 

Scattered pieces on the floor

My voice is shaky, strained, and small

My minds a bullet train

Racing straight into a wall

I'm a ticking clock running backwards 

I always end where I began